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After announcing the new web 2.0, AuctionAds is making another step to expand. With two new improvements: promote AuctionAds and earn 5% affiliate referrals (they raised from 2%) and second, any new publisher signing up for AuctionAds will get an instant 25$ to his account. If you already sign up and not get paid your account will be credited with 25$ too. But, AuctionAds raised the minimum payout to 50$, so you have to earn another 25$ to get paid.


New publishers just need to sign up and they will receive a balance of $25.00 automatically. Please note if you signed up with us previously and have never earned a payout we will bump your current balance to $25 too! Our minimum payout is also being raised to $50 but everyone who hasn’t earned a payout to date will be halfway there already!


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Today I get an e-mail from agloco.com talking about their August update in: revenue, tech and media:

Revenue – We are excited that we have signed one of our major revenue partnerships for North America last week. We will be making the formal announcement later. Getting a major company to work with their own internal system to start to take advantage of the Viewbar’s capabilities is very exciting to us. It will take our partner’s tech team 3 to 5 weeks to complete their work, so you should see changes occurring after that time.

Tech Update The tech team reported that our move to new servers was completed last week. Early reports are faster downloading for most locations. Also, all Member accounts have been updated for total hours accumulated.

Media – We have received a lot of positive emails about Mike Klingler’s interview with Brian Greenwald. In it, Brian talked about the AGLOCO Vision and he answered some questions about the company’s current progress and trajectory. Mike and other Members have worked to make this available to all Members. Here you can listen to the interview.


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Media Whiz International took AuctionAds and now we have a new in improved service: the new “web 2.0”.

Login to your account and go to the “Get Code” page. You will notice a sleek new ad design with multiple color schemes to choose from that we think will increase click-through rates to your ads. Stop by and check out our new design of AuctionAds.com where you will notice a cleaner look and feel that’s fun and easy to use!

And seems this is just the start of some improvements that we will see in the next weeks.


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