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john joins itunes

It’s about John Lennon who joins the iTunes Store today. According to Apple, 16 of John Lennon’s solo works are online through iTunes.
Yoko Ono said:

John would have loved the fact that his music will now be available in a format suited to a new generation of listeners.

Exclusive video content offered by Apple for 30 days for: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Sometime in New York City, Walls and Bridges, Milk and Honey and the collection of Anthology and Working Class Hero.

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Thursday, Google announced that it is offering additional capacity at a price for storing additional e-mail and digital photos. The new storage option works with two Google products – Picassa Web Albums and Gmail and soon at that list it will be added Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

 In 2004, when Google first began offering storage, the limit was 1 GB. That figure doubled in 2005, and is currently at the 2.8 GB mark. According to their new plan, the cheapest option is for 20$ – 6G of space, and the options are growing to 500$ – 250 G.

 Why to pay for Gmail? There is other option: Yahoo! which is offering unlimited storage. And it looks better than Gmail.

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